Your Weekly Task Management
(Focus on Your NOW Tasks)

If you’ve done the Brain Dump and created your Master Task Lists, the next step is to set up a weekly process for your task management. Here’s what you can do each week to keep focused on what needs to get done.

  • Choose a day of the week you’ll do your planning and put it on your calendar. For this example, I will use Fridays.

  • Throughout the week, put any new tasks that don’t need to be done that week on your Master Task List.

  • Review your Master Task List(s) each Friday and move over only those items to complete in the following week. Leave all other tasks in your Master Task Lists.

  • The tasks that you need to complete for the week will go into your “Weekly Focus List,” or I call them “My NOW Tasks.”  You can use paper, Notion, Evernote, or a task management program like Trello.

  • The tasks inside your Weekly Focus List are the only tasks you’re going to focus on during the next week. This is important. Too many times, we fill up our task list, and there’s no way you can get all of them done in one week. Keep your weekly tasks to just those that must get done that week.

  • Be sure to review your calendar and upcoming appointments and add any tasks to your NOW list for preparing for meetings and appointments.

  • Repeat each week

Take Action

  • Choose the day of week you’ll do this process and put it on your calendar and/or your phone reminder so you do this process each week. You’ll love starting each week knowing exactly what you want to accomplish that week.
  • You can download this paper PDF list here.

Peace, Love + Magic,