Moon Magic: How to Use the Moon Cycles to Create a Life You Love

I’ve learned a lot of different tools and tips over the years that have helped me to create the kind of life I want. Some have been life-changing, and some are subtle yet still helpful.

One of my recent discoveries is using the moon cycles to help me accomplish my goals and lead a more balanced, peaceful life. Of course, I’ve known about new moons and full moons, but I never really understood all the different cycles and how I can tap into the energies of those moon cycles to help me create a life I love.

I was searching for a book about the moon when I discovered Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon by Ezzie Spencer. Most of the books I saw looked a little too technical and sort of complicated. I wanted a book that was more of a reference that would tell me about the cycles and how I could use them to help me. Ezzie’s book was the perfect find.

Ezzie describes her book as “a beautiful and practical guide for today’s women on cultivating peace, purpose, and abundance in both their personal and professional lives, guided by the phases of the moon.” Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Ezzie just came out with a Lunar Abundance: Reflective Journal: Your Guidebook to Working with the Phases of the Moon, so I’m using that now each moon cycle. You can get started with just the planner workbook if you’d like.

Here’s what you get.

A beautiful and practical guide to Lunar Abundance — working with the phases of the moon!

Lunar Abundance is a holistic self-care practice that uses the moon phases as a natural timekeeper, each month beginning with a New Moon intention. This reflective journal will guide you on the path of putting it into practice to achieve joy, peace, and purpose. It includes:

  • Profiles of the eight moon phases and how to work with their natural ebbs and flows
  • Dozens of writing and reflection prompts
  • Guidance on intention-setting, with real-world examples and tips to get the most out of them
  • Wellness and motivational affirmations
  • A DIY yearly view of the moon cycles, with fill-in space to chart cycles according to your time zone.


Filled with inspirational photography and graphics, this workbook is perfect for any woman seeking holistic wellness and unique inspiration to feed the mind, body, and spirit.

**I love this quote from Ezzie’s reflective journal “As the Moon reflects light from the Sun, it also illuminates your soul’s hidden wisdom.” Isn’t that beautiful? Illuminates your soul’s hidden wisdom- how magically delicious.

Three things I learned from reading Lunar Abundance.

#1: Reading the book reminded me how people have been using the moon cycles and harnessing the magic and power of it. Don’t get me wrong, as I love technology, but I also love learning about and using “ways of the old.” I feel our world has become too complicated, too crazy (can you say “social media” craziness?), and too much. By too much, I mean that so many people are always online, always checking messages and social media, always CONNECTED. There’s not enough downtime away from technology for most, and I love getting back to the basics. The moon cycles are one of those ancient tools that can be used to counteract some of the craziness of your world.

#2: Ezzie helped me to see goal setting in a different light. In her reflective journal, Ezzie says, “Self-improvement is not the goal. Understanding your soul purpose is. Once we tune in to our own feelings, we create an internal foundation for calling in and holding on to the opportunities that are truly aligned with who we really are.” I love that. I’m a big goal setter and huge on lists and crossing off things on my list and moving to the next, so this teaching from Ezzie was powerful for me. Slow down. Relax. Get in touch with my soul’s purpose. Beautiful.

#3: Let go with the Full Moon. I learned that during the full moon, it’s a good time to let go. This could be letting go of stuff and doing some decluttering, clearing out old beliefs, letting go of relationships that are no longer in your best interest, and more. Ezzie explains how each moon cycle is either a Yin cycle is more being and allowing or a Yang cycle, which is doing and taking action. The Full Moon is a Yang or doing cycle, so it’s a good time to get organized and declutter.

How to get started

Step 1: Get the book or journal.
I think the reflective journal is excellent to start with, and you can go more in-depth with the book later. One thing: although I love the reflective journal content, it’s not the kind of journal to actually write much in it. She has blank pages, but its sort of bulky and not something I would write in.

Step 2: Create your own Moon Magic Journal.
I keep all my research, tips, and insights about the moon cycles in my Moon Magic Journal so grab a blank notebook or buy a fancy journal and make it your own Moon Magic Journal. You’ll want to keep it out and handy as the moon cycles change every few days, so you’ll want to spend time with the journal at least a few days a week.

Step 3: Find your start date.
Find the date of the next New Moon and mark it on your calendar or to-do list. You can get Ezzie’s free Lunar Abundance calendar showing all the moon cycle dates here. Start reading about each cycle. I found it easier to learn about the moon cycle a day or two before it starts, so it’s fresh in my mind.

Step 4: Start with the New Moon.
A few days before the New Moon starts reading the book or reflective journal so you’ll know all about the moon cycle and do the steps Ezzie lays out in her books. It’s not complicated at all and doesn’t take a lot of time. Ezzie will walk you through what steps to take in each cycle to accomplish a goal that month.

Step 5: Do, Write, Reflect.
The next step is simple. Do the exercises. Write about your insights and feelings that come up and hold that monthly goal dear to your heart. You’ll spend just a few minutes a day thinking about your monthly goal, so it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s powerful.

Then, simply repeat the process over again on the next moon cycle.

Learning about the moon is interesting and fun. In fact, my passion for the moon expanded, even more, this past year as I got interested in learning more about the moon, and the starts, and the Universe. I even got a telescope with is fabulous to look at the moon through. Seriously, this is a fun hobby, and I fully intend on learning more and becoming an astronomy nerd :).

I’m going to leave you with one more beautiful quote from Ezzie’s reflective journal “The Lunar Abundance practice is ultimately a way for us to chart our own course in life. It is not about the Moon making us do anything! It’s about coming within and accessing your own intuition, wisdom, and personal power. You might feel that there is a secret life that you could be leading – your true life. One with a greater sense of purpose. One that feels authentically yours.

Are you ready to begin your Magic Moon adventure?

Take Action

  • You can get the book on Amazon here.
  • You can get the reflective journal on Amazon here.
  • Ezzie has a ton of free resources on her website, including a downloadable moon cycle planner here. If you’re interested in learning more, go sign up for one of her free offerings right now so you can start experiencing the benefits of the moon.

Peace, Love + Magic,