My Favorite Tools

Tips, Tools, and Cool Stuff to help you live your life in a beautiful, simple, goddess way. The list below includes some affiliate links. That means that I may receive a small percentage should you decide to make a purchase. Rest assured, I only recommend products and services that I love!

For Journaling and task managment

Declutter, Get Organized, and Focus

Spiral Notebook/Journal. I’ve spent a lot of years creating my own custom life design system to stay organized, collect my thoughts, and get tasks done. One of the tools in my system is this notebook you can get on Amazon.  What I love: the size (5.7 x 8.3 inches), the spiral bound with a clear cover so I can decorate my cover my way, and the thick dotted paper that doesn’t bleed I use it to record thoughts, inspiration, tasks, and more. See it on Amazon here.

Metallic Markers. I am sort of obsessed with these cool Sharpie metallic markers. They give some elegance and flair to my journaling, and with the journal above, there is no bleeding through on the pages. They have a fine point tip that produces thinner detailed lines. See them on Amazon here.

Notion for task and file management. I’ve been a long time Evernote user and am even a Certified Evernote Consultant. I recently switched to Notion as it has some powerful features that allow me to keep my life and business organized and find what I need quickly and easily.  You can store your files, create templates, and even track your tasks inside Notion. Get a free Notion account here.

For Powerful Rituals and Practices

To Help You Feel Peace, Connection, and Love

You Can Heal Your Life book by Louise Hay. This is the first book I read that changed my life dramatically and taught me how to step into loving myself. I even remember where I was sitting when I first read this book, and that was over 20 years ago! I’ve read it several times and will keep this book forever. Louise was an amazing author and business owner who has helped so many people. Check it out on Amazon here. (There’s also a companion workbook.)

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment. This is another book that dramatically improved my life and taught me how to truly forgive and let go. It’s a tiny book that is so powerful I keep it out where I can see it on a daily basis to remind me to do the practice of ho’oponopono. It’s a quick read and the practice of doing ho’oponopono is super easy. See it on Amazon here.

My Magical Mermaid Mirror.  I learned about mirror work from Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life (listed above). It’s a tool to use to connect to yourself and really “see” you. I wanted to find the perfect mirror to use and found this gorgeous mermaid mirror. I love it so much that I bought a 2nd one! It’s a great way to connect to yourself each day and take time to appreciate and love the uniqueness of YOU. Check it out here.

Love Money, Money Loves You book. This book is another life-changing book I discovered through a friend. It has these short, compelling chapters you can read and re-read to help bring more abundance into your life. It explains why so many people struggle with a lack of money and gives clear, simple guidelines on how to transform your relationship with money so you can be aligned with the way it works naturally. Learn more here.

Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer. One of my recent discoveries of tools to help me create the kind of life I want is the Lunar Abundance book by Ezzie Spencer. This book teaches you about how to harness the power of the moon cycles to help you accomplish your goals and lead a more balanced, peaceful life. I loved the book so much that I purchased one of Ezzie’s courses on using the moon cycles throughout the month. Learn more on Amazon here.

For Your WellBeing

To help you feel great and explore natural wellness products

Essential Oil Organizer. I fell in love with this essential oil organizer as soon as it arrived. I’ve tried several over the years, but this one is perfect. It holds 104 bottles, and they can be different sizes. It’s secure enough to take with you and know that all your bottles are protected. Check it out on Amazon here.

doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. I love essential oils, and one of my favorites is this emotional aromatherapy kit from doTerra. My favorite is the “Peace” blend. When I take a break and use the oil, a peacefulness comes over me and I can regroup and chill out. Learn more about signing up for doTerra oils here or place an order here.

Snow Lotus Aromatherapy Product: Head Ease. I’ve struggled with headaches over the years, and this is the only natural product that has helped relieve the pain. It’s called Head Ease, and you can get as a roll-on to use for headache relief. Learn more here. (I am not a medical professional, but what I know is this product helps relieve my head pain.)

Aura Cacia for Essential Oils. I also love Aura Cacia and get my two favorite oils from them: Frankincense and Tea Tree. If you sign up for an annual Associate Membership, it’s only $10, and you get 10% off all orders. Plus, they send out 20-25% off coupons throughout the year. Learn more here.

Sage Goddess online store. Sage Goddess has metaphysical tools, jewelry, candles, crystals, unique gifts, classes, and more. They even have some free beautiful screensavers and wallpaper for your devices you can download. Their deepest desire is to “spread magic.” Learn more here.

For Your Business

To help you have an organized and efficiently-run business

If you’re looking for a website or membership site, check out my Simple Goddess Website Packages here, and if you need other business services, learn more about my business services here.

Mighty Networks for your online community and courses. I LOVE Mighty Networks! It’s what I chose to put the soon-to-be-released tribe on and I love the appearance, the functionality, the easy way to get paid, and more. They say it best, “Everything together in one place: community, content, commerce, and courses.” Learn more here.

Canva for graphics, social, media, and so much more. I often what I did before I discovered Canva. I used Photoshop and tried some other online graphic programs, but nothing compares to Canva. It is one of my most used tools and so easy to learn. I’ve learned so much about graphic design by using Canva. Check out Canva here. Be sure to check out the cool Lady Boss Studio templates below to use in your new Canva.

Lady Boss Studio for Branding and Templates. I found Lady Boss when I was looking for feminine websites and branding, and I fell in LOVE with the Canva templates. I bought a few templates and then quickly purchased lifetime access to the template library. They have logos, ebook templates, social media posts, and more, and all can be modified with a free Canva account. + They’ve got some free templates to get started. Learn more here.

WP Engine for fabulous web hosting. I’ve tried several different web hosting companies over the years, and WP Engine far exceeds any other company I’ve seen in the areas of customer support and website security. Their support is impressive, and I feel confident knowing my website is secure and protected with their services. They’re not the cheapest, but the higher price is well worth it for 1:1 timely support and helpful solutions. Learn more here.

Divi Theme and Website Builder. There is no excuse for a “bad-looking” website when you can use Divi themes and website builder. It’s one of the most popular themes online, and it has a powerful visual editor and hundreds of pre-made designs available. Check it out here.

Elementor for WordPress. Elementor is a free plugin (I use and love the paid version) that you can use with any WordPress theme to create stunning landing pages, design a blog, customize your online store – and more. Check it out here.

Bluchic WordPress Themes. I found Bluchic themes when I was searching for feminine-looking themes. They have a good selection of themes to choose from. This is a wonderful do-it-yourself option because when you purchase a theme, you get guided video tutorials on exactly how YOU can set up your website. They make it simple, and you can create an amazing looking website. Learn more here.

Coach Glue Done-For-You Content for Coaches. Coach Glue specializes in creating done-for-you courses, workshops, planners, blog posts, and group coaching plans to help you create a wildly successful, stress-free coaching business sans burnout.  Learn more here.

Heart of Business. I love Heart of Business. Their motto is, ” you can find love in the daily actions of marketing, sales, systems, strategic planning, and other necessary business actions. We have found that every act of business can be an act of love, and in fact, it’s the only kind of world we want to live in.” They have wonderful free and paid resources for you and your business. Learn more here.