Moon Dreaming

(a journaling exercise)

This exercise is all about believing in possibilities. Unlimited possibilities. When is the last time you just sat down and allowed yourself to daydream? My favorite is daydreaming while lying on the beach. I love to take my journal down to the beach, sit under the warm sun, and hear the ocean waves and just dream. I have fond memories of days on the beach dreaming of how I wanted my life to be, the relationships I wanted, the business I wanted, and so much more. I also love what I call “Moon” Dreaming…


Step 1

Moon Dreaming creates magic. It allows you to move out of practical and into believing you can create the life you want. So for this journaling exercise, you’re going to daydream. Or nightdream (while awake), which I like to call Moon Dreaming. I love to light some candles, put on some sultry music, stare at the moon, and dream…

Here are your prompts to write, but go with whatever feels right for you.

  • What’s one thing you wish you could bring into your life right now? This could be a tangible thing, a feeling, a person, a job or business, anything.

  • What’s one thing you wish you could eliminate from your life? What’s stopping you from removing it right now? This could be anything from removing clutter from your house to losing weight to breaking up with a partner or ending a friendship that is no longer enjoyable for you.

  • If you received $1 million dollars next month that you could do anything you wanted with, what would you use the money for? Dream big!

  • What characteristics and personality traits do you want others to say you have? Do you have/use those traits now? If not, how could you embrace that trait and practice it more?

Step 2

Create your do/want/have/be list. Set up a list in your journal or use my Trello, Notion, or Evernote template and create a list of:

  • Things you want to do. This list will include any activity you want to do. Some on my list are go to Italy and France, go swimming in the wild with dolphins and whales as much as possible, and learn to dance really well.

  • Things you want. This list will contain those things you want. Tangible items. Some on my list are an amazing home office with a beautiful view, state of the art Apple Mac equipment with a huge monitor, a zen rock water fountain, and a place for all my books and things like essential oils, crystals, rocks, incense, journals, oracle cards, and more.

  • Things you want to have. This list will contact things you want to have or experience that are intangible like relationships or a healthier body. Some on my list include an unshakable confidence for myself and my business and being in better shape to do all the physical activities I want to do.

  • Things you want to be. This list is about how you want to be like a successful entrepreneur, an author, etc. One big one on my list is to be a successful entrepreneur that helps others create a life they love.

Take Action

Find some quiet space – I love going out into nature for this – and start writing. It’s exciting to think about what you want. Remember: Daydreaming or Moon Dreaming doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an adult now.

Peace, Love + Magic,